Journal papers


High-resolution atlasing and segmentation of the subcortex: review and perspective on challenges and opportunities created by machine learning. Adrià Casamitjana, Juan Eugenio Iglesias. Neuroimage, 2022.


Robust joint registration of multiple stains and MRI for multimodal 3D histology reconstruction: Application to the Allen human brain atlas Adrià Casamitjana, Marco Lorenzi, Sebastiano Ferraris, Loc Peter, Marc Modat, Allison Stevens, Bruce Fischl, Tom Vercauteren, Juan Eugenio Iglesias. Medical Image Analysis, 2021.


A multimodal computational pipeline for 3D histology of the human brain Matteo Mancini, Adrià Casamitjana, Loic Peter, Eleanor Robinson, ShaunaCrampsie, David L. Thomas, Janice L. Holton, Zane Jaunmuktane, Juan Eugenio Iglesias. Scientific Reports, 2020.

NeAT: a nonlinear analysis toolbox for neuroimaging Adrià Casamitjana, Verónica Vilaplana, Santi Puch, Asier Aduriz, Carlos López, Grégory Operto, Raffaele Cacciaglia, Carles Falcón, José Luis Molinuevo, Juan Domingo Gispert for the Alzheimer`s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. Neuroinformatics, 2020.


Shared latent structures between imaging features and biomarkers in early stages of Alzheimer`s disease; a predictive study Adrià Casamitjana, Paula Petrone, José Luis Molinuevo, Juan Domingo Gispert and Verónica Vilaplana for the Alzheimer`s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (J-BHI), 2019.

Prediction of amyloid pathology in cognitively unimpaired individuals using voxelwise analysis of longitudinal structural brain MRI Paula M. Petrone*, Adrià Casamitjana*, Carles Falcón, Miquel Artigues, Grégory Operto, Raffaele Cacciaglia, José Luis Molinuevo, Verónica Vilaplana, Juan Domingo Gispert for the Alzheimer`s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. Alzheimer’s`s Research and Therapy, 2019.

Standardized Assessment of Automatic Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities; Results of the WMH Segmentation Challenge Hugo J. Kuijf, …, Adrià Casamitjana, … and Geert Jan Biessels. IEEE Transaction in Medical Imaging (TMI), 2019.

Benchmark on Automatic 6-month-old Infant Brain Segmentation Algorithms; The iSeg-2017 Challenge Li Wang, …, Adrià Casamitjana, … and Dinggang Shen. IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging (TMI), 2019.

MRI-based screening of preclinical Alzheimer`s disease for prevention clinical trials Adrià Casamitjana, Paula Petrone, Alan Tucholka, Carles Falcón, Stavros Skouras, José Luis Molinuevo, Verónica Vilapalana, Juan Domingo Gispert and for the Alzheimer`s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. Journal of Alzheimer`s Disease, 2018.

Conference papers

3D Reconstruction and Segmentation of Dissection Photographs for MRI-Free Neuropathology Henry F. J. Tregidgo, Adrià Casamitjana, Caitlin S. Latimer, Mitchell D. Kilgore, Eleanor Robinson, Emily Blackburn, Koen Van Leemput, Bruce Fischl, Adrian V. Dalca, Christine L. Mac Donald, C. Dirk Keene, Juan Eugenio Iglesias. International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI), 2020.

Bayesian learning for time-varying linear prediction of speech Adrià Casamitjana, Martin Sundin, Prasanta Ghosh, Saikat Chatterjee. European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), 2015.

Workshop papers

Synth-by-Reg (SbR): Contrastive learning for synthesis-based registration of paired images Adrià Casamitjana, Matteo Mancini, Juan Eugenio Iglesias International Workshop on Simulation and Synthesis in Medical Imaging (SASHIMI), 2021. Best paper award!

Voxelwise nonlinear regression toolbox for neuroimage analysis; Application to aging and neurodegenerative disease modeling Santi Puch, Asier Aduriz, Adrià Casamitjana, Verónica Vilaplana, Paula Petrone, Grégory Operto, Raffaele Cacciaglia, Stavros Skouras, Carles Falcón, José Luis Molinuevo, and Juan Domingo Gispert NIPS Workshop Machine Learning for Health (ML4H), 2017.

3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Brain Tumor Segmentation; A Comparison of Multi-resolution Architectures Adrià Casamitjana, Santi Puch, Asier Aduriz, Verónica Vilaplana MICCAI BrainLes Workshop, 2017.